Nite-Time is a dynamic and versatile live band of full time professional musicians who came together with the collective vision of providing the highest level of live entertainment for weddings and events. They’ve performed at hundreds of weddings, corporate events and private parties throughout the U.S., delighting audiences with their talent, their energy and their commitment to making sure everyone at your party has an amazing time!

Drummer and band leader, Yves Gerard, puts it like this…

“We don’t have an impersonal sales staff. When you meet us, you’re meeting the owners of the company. And when you choose us, the success of your event is our top priority. We get to know you, what you like and what you don’t like. Building these relationships is how we create the best entertainment for your event.”

Nite-Time is more than just a “wedding band” or “corporate band”. They’re a full service entertainment company with an unparalleled roster of talent. If you can dream it, Nite-Time can make it happen.

Lead singer and co-leader, Amy Serrago had this take on things,

“I absolutely love our lineup! They’re so talented and have such range. I have a blast at every gig. I mean, sometimes we’ll go from jazz to 90’s to classic rock – in one set! it’s so fun seeing that packed dance floor every time. And I get to sing all my favorites!”

Moreover, Nite-Time can even help you find that something special that’ll take your event to the next level. From steel drummers to string quartets, jazz ensembles to a cappella groups every specialty act that works with them is top of the line.

When you place your trust in Yves, Amy and Nite-Time, all that’s left is to relax and enjoy the party! Contact us for a quote today…